Act your shoe size

How often have we heard the phrase ‘Act your age, not your shoe size’?  However, sometimes we become so serious that acting our shoe size might actually be the best thing we can do for our happiness and well-being.

Sometimes as we become grown-ups we forget all the things we loved to do as a child.  We become completely consumed and overwhelmed with the responsibility of being an adult. This could mean every minute is taken up:

  • developing our careers
  • building businesses
  • looking after our children
  • looking after our parents or other dependents
  • maintaining the household

Don’t get me wrong – these are all great things. But we need to remember to take some time for ourselves to prevent exhaustion and burn out. When we reach this stage devoting longer hours to work becomes counter-productive. We can become unreasonably irritable with those around us and develop harmful symptoms of stress and anxiety.

We need to take a break and preferably one which is totally absorbing allowing us a complete rest from the worry of our every day life.

When we have spent so long focussing on the serious stuff of life, it’s easy to forget about having fun.  Rekindling a childhood hobby is one way that can really help to add balance and remind us of who we really are (see previous post).

When we pursue a hobby we really love, it can:

  1. relieve stress
  2. give us a sense of purpose
  3. increase mindfulness
  4. increase productivity
  5. give us a sense of achievement
  6. assist in making us feel part of a community
  7. help us to continue learning
  8. increase mindfulness
  9. have fun
  10. make us happy!

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed why not take a moment to think back to your childhood times and what kind of hobbies made you really happy. In other words, act your shoe size just for a little while!


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