Redundancy – focus on what’s next

Being faced with redundancy can be hugely challenging. As we struggle to make sense of it we worry about money, we fear change and we are anxious about job loss. It’s natural to jump straight in to the next job without taking a moment to think about refreshing our approach to our career and lifestyle. If you’re happy to do this then that is great but I know that there are so many people that would like to make real change in their lives – the kind of change that allows us to live the life we have always dreamed of. If this sounds like you then read on.

We all have the means to make redundancy a turning point in our lives and to create positive change. But before we can move forward we need to start a journey of self discovery. We need to find out what really drives us to do the things we do. In other words we need to discover our personal purpose.

Personal purpose is the thing that makes us feel happy and makes everything feel worthwhile. If we know why we are doing the things that we do it makes it alot easier to get up in the morning. It makes work not feel like work.

Research shows that people with purpose that feel part of a community are the happiest and live the longest.  To me, that seems like a really good reason to discover our purpose.

Many of us don’t know exactly what our purpose is but we know how we feel at work. Often, when we feel unhappy at work it is because something feels uncomfortable or misaligned. Someone may have said or done something to upset us or behaved in a way that does not support our own individual values. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable because a business has acted in a way that we are not happy to be part of.  Thinking about times this has happened to us can give us some big clues about our purpose.

Many of us don’t understand how our job roles fulfil our purpose. It may be that we think of our work as a way to pay the bills and not a way to help us achieve our purpose in life.  We think of work and our personal lives as two separate things.  It’s hardly surprising because few of us have really verbalised what our purpose is.  We don’t think about why we are doing what we are doing.

In my online course, Thrive after redundancy, I give help with all things related to job loss because of redundancy – from guiding you through the entire redundancy process to helping you discover what you want to do next.

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How to use redundancy as a catalyst for positive change
How to use redundancy as a catalyst for positive change