Employment contracts

From April 2020 onwards all employees and workers have the right to a section 1 statement or ‘written statement of employment particulars’ from day 1. This is not the same as an employment contract which is usually much more extensive.

Information which must be given on day 1 includes (but may not be limited to):

  • the employer’s and the employee or worker’s name
  • the employer’s address and the normal place of work including if the work will be carried out on other sites and if they are abroad
  • the start date
  • when the continuous employment began (for employees)
  • the expected last date of employment if the contract is a fixed term
  • probation period
  • job title
  • pay including when payments will be made
  • working hours and work patterns
  • details of annual leave, pay and how accrued leave will be handled upon leaving
  • sick leave entitlement and pay
  • any other paid leave and benefits
  • notice period
  • details of any compulsory training (whether or not it is paid by the employer)

Employment contracts usually include information relating to confidentiality, restrictive covenants and non-competition, garden leave, payment in lieu of notice, pension arrangements, data protection and company property.

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