Pay as You Go

HR support as and when you need it. How many times does a problem arise and you’re not quite sure how to react to it without knowing the employment law pitfalls? This service is perfect to help you navigate the HR issues so you can make an informed decision about what to do next.  It’s also helps you to provide additional HR help for longer term projects when your HR team is overstretched.

Retained Services

Many business prefer to have an agreement for outsourced HR services for a fixed period to ensure they remain compliant. This can provide a part time resource when your business cannot justify the costs of hiring an employee.  It can also be a good solution to provide interim cover during periods of absence.

Online Courses

In 2020 I developed an online learning platform so that I can share my knowledge and expertise with many more of you. You can find my online courses at Three Purl Row.

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